The aim of the true Brotherhood is to cultivate a brotherly feeling among men, and to help whomsoever he can. Consider thoroughly the step you propose to take. Application (pdf)

The Royal Order:

  • Has for its foundation—the great basic principles of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. No Atheist can be a brother.
  • Strives to teach a man the duty he owes to God, his neighbor, and himself.
  • Teaches the practice of virtue, and makes an extensive use of symbolism in its teachings.
  • Charity is directed towards those who, from unforeseen circumstances and through no fault of their own, have met with misfortune.

The Royal Order is not:

  • A benefit society. No man should join with hope or expectation that he will derive any financial benefit.
  • Contrary to the principles that mark a man of upright heart and mind.
  • Inconsistent with one’s civil, moral or religious duties.
  • Interfering with religion or politics.
  • To be entered in the hope of personal gain or advancement.
  • To be used for mercenary or other unworthy motives.

Qualifications for membership:

  • Be of Hawaiian descent
  • Loyalty to one’s country
  • Cheerfully render obedience to every lawful authority
  • Men should come to its doors entirely of their own free will
  • Favorable opinion of the institution
  • Desire to be ranked among its members

Financial obligations upon admission:

  • You should be able to pay without detriment to yourself or those dependent on you.
  • Fees and contributions payable on your entrance.
  • Annual subscription for the support of your Lodge.
  • Time-to-time you may be asked to contribute for the relief work connected with the Order.

You shall be notified:

  • If you are elected to receive the Degrees of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I along with time, date, place, and dress code required.
  • If you are not accepted, your application fees will be returned to you.

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